Making Dreams Come True

In 2014. we realised our dream of creating

a bespoke letterpres printing studio.

In that time, we have created over 700 unique wedding stationery orders, and printed many hundreds of thousands of custom made business cards.

We also print for specialty Universities and Corporate clients, catering for their exacting and precise requirements.   

Steve & Tes Fenton
We are Fentonink Letterpress Studio



Turning a Vision into Reality

We work closely with you at every step of your order, to ensure you get the absolutely best result possible.

Whether we are utilising a pre-exisiting design,

or creating a full custom design for you.

Tes Fenton
Graphic Designer and Partner

Vintage Letterpress

at it's best

Our 1965 Heidelberg Windmill platen printing Press is the world's premier press for Letterpress printing. 1.2 Tonnes of precision German ingenuity, printing your bespoke letterpress order.

Our 1965 Letterpress Printing Machine